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Power plants Linth-Limmern AG – Linthal/Switzerland

 „Linthal 2015“ is an extension of the existing power plants Linth-Limmern (KLL) belonging to the AXPO Group in Switzerland. The new facility is made up of two parallel underground penstocks running between Lake Mutt (2,474 meters above sea level) and Lake Limmern (1,857 meters above sea level) with a common surge tank, a valve chamber with butterfly valves, one branch each, and a machine cavern with four pump turbines of 250MW respectively. The new facility increases the pump and turbine capacity from approx. 450MW to 1,450MW.

DSD NOELL designed, shipped, manufactured, and assembled both penstocks, each with a diameter of 4.2 meters and a length of 1050 meters running from the upper end of the pressure tunnel lining to the y-pipes.

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