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The Group

DSD Steel Group GmbH consists of medium-sized companies which have extensive experience on the national and international market.

Our companies' operations are metallurgy, hydraulic steel construction, process technology, corrosion protection, automation/electrical assembly, construction of power plants and maintenance, steel-bridge construction, container crane construction, steel construction and structural steelworkas well as wind energy.

All of our companies excel in engineering, project management, manufacturing as well as assembling.

The Group's organizational structure reflects its philosophy. Every company belonging to the Group is an independent entity and expert in its field. This enables all professional competences to be combined and extended in order to meet the demands of the product and market. As a result of this, our clients benefit from the wide range of products and services that no other steel construction and maintenance company in the industry offers in this shape and form.

In order to stand out from the competition, the single companies have to combine their products and services in an economical and efficient manner. DSD offers its clients a unique advantage: From the beginning to the end of a project, the client receives all products and services from one single source. We make use of synergies and avoid intersections.

High quality and security standards are always the top priority of the whole DSD Group. Our teams, ranging from the engineering offices right up to the construction sites, consist of highly qualified and experienced staff and form the foundation for our success.