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Quality & Sustainability

DSD Steel Group is a future-oriented business, meaning that high quality standards go hand in hand with sustainable thinking and acting.

Energy efficiency

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In order to determine energy efficiency as well as the possible reduction of energy costs, the DSD Group conducts an energy audit at regular intervals in accordance with the Energy Services Act. The savings potential identified in the audit is examined and exploited where possible. This begins with the replacement of light bulbs and extends to possible thermal insulation measures in buildings and halls..


As a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, DSD Steel Group GmbH relies on the use of energy service providers at energy-intensive sites that have a large share of renewable energy sources in their energy mix. In this way, we can make an important contribution to improving the climate balance with a CO2-neutral electricity supply and promote electricity generation from renewable energies (e.g. from water, wind, sun, biomass or geothermal energy).


Another contribution is made by the photovoltaic system of PVA Diefflen GmbH & Co. KG in Dillingen/Saar. Since the commissioning of the 2.8 MW plant in June 2012, the plant has made a remarkable contribution to improving the climate balance to date:

Not only has it produced more than 25,000 MWh of climate-friendly electricity, but it has also saved more than 15 kilotons of CO2.

To sequester this amount of CO2, nearly 1.5 million trees would have had to be planted.