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Our business areas


DSD NOELL specializes in hydro-mechanical steel equipment for waterways, barrages and hydroelectric power plants.

Our supply range includes locks, barrages, dam equipment, steel linings and penstocks, flood barriers, ship lifts, ferry landing bridges with appurtenant drive and control equipment (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical), and – last but not least – the restructuring of existing facilities.

Locks, barrages and movable bridges require highly sophisticated drive systems due to their complex dynamics. DSD NOELL optimally adjusts control requirements to the dynamic needs of the clients' facilities by constant use of state of the art control technology.

Our experienced engineers design steel constructions, drive systems and the appurtenant controls according to your specific requirements. The manufacturing of the equipment is subject to our strict quality and deadline monitoring.

Dispatch, transport and assembly - everything comes from one source and is ready-for-use.


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Hydraulic steel equipment

DSD NOELL uses state-of-the-art 3D software and FEM calculations to construct all kinds of hydraulic steel locks, such as radial gates for spillways in dams, miter gates for ship locks in waterways, rollergates for bottom outlets and more.
On the basis of this professional planning, all products are manufactured in highly qualified plants in compliance with DSD NOELL's strict quality control standards.
Once the products have been shipped to the construction site, the equipment is assembled under DSD NOELL's construction management in accordance with the schedule of those working on the construction site.

Drive systems

DSD NOELL's hydraulic systems are, generally speaking, complete systems including cylinders, power units, piping and an electrical control system. We use components from reputable manufacturers. The cylinders, power units and controls are designed to make up a fully-functioning system. Our clients benefit greatly from our minimal effort in coordination and our equally short commission times.

Hydraulic drive cylinders are used to operate moveable bridges and hydraulic steel constructions and are available both with or without length measurement systems. Different piston surfaces are also available.
Hydraulic power units designed by DSD NOELL serve as well coordinated systems made up of:

  • oil tanks
  • pumps and engines
  • valves
  • filters
  • piping

They come equipped with pressure accumulators if desired.


Control systems

Scope of supply and services

  • Local controls
    (either conventional technology or Programmable Logic Control "PLC")
  • Computerized remote control via Ethernet
  • SCADA-Systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Low voltage distributions
  • Uninterruptible power supply for bypassing
  • Backup electricity supplies (DG-sets)
  • Commissioning
  • Remote support if desired


Penstocks and bifurcations

  • 40
  • Design with FEM methods
  • Design for any pressure condition
  • Penstocks below or on the surface
  • Bifurcations for the distribution among several turbines
  • Bifurcations to connect existing penstocks to new ones e. g. when expanding a power plant into a pump storage plant


During the design stage, our specialists work on finding the optimal combination of material type and required thickness by means of FEM calculations.

Throughout this process, external factors such as supporting surroundings (concrete, rock), external water pressure, or internal pressure are essential for the calculation.

These factors present a huge saving potential for projects with several hundred or thousands of tons of material.

Depending on penstock diameters and total tonnage, we decide whether pre-manufacturing in our plant or manufacturing directly on site is the more efficient solution.

DSD NOELL is experienced in penstock diameters ranging from 2 to 9 meters / 6.6 to 29.5 feet and in water pressure heights of more than 1,000 meters / 3280.8 feet.


Movable bridges

Bascule bridges: Flap mechanism with or without counterweight, hydraulic drives or wire rope hoists
Swing bridges: Hydraulically driven swivel
Lifting bridges: Wire rope hoisted center bridge usually equipped with counterweights
Ferry linkspans: Hydraulically operated level adjustment for cars, trucks and rail transport