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Kiln Shell Replacement at Holcim Eclépens facility (CH)

The order consisted of engineering, manufacturing and installation of a new Kiln Shell. The shell has been designed by DSD, was manufactured in North Italy and was delivered complete of fixation system.

KILN Shell main data:  

  • Φ e: 4.470 mm
  • Φ i: 4.350 mm
  • Length: 2.400 mm
  • Steel Grade: 16 Mo3
  • Weight: 22 tons


The engineering and manufacturing period was of three months while the erection was of 18 days and has been executed by a team of 14 DSD high skilled employees.

The erection activity was basically made of three main steps:

  • Dismantling of existing Equipment: the old Kiln section has been cut and removed while the rest of the KILN was supported by dedicated temporary structure specifically produced and installed by DSD.
  • Erection of the new Equipment: the existing forged tyre has been removed from the old and installed on the new shell. The new Kiln section has been lifted and positioned for the correct alignment.
  • Alignment of the KILN: once the new section has been aligned with the rest of the KILN, it has been welded with submerged arc.

For the main lifting activities, we used a 450 to Crane (LTM1300), which came from the group owned equipment parc.

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