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Revamping of the continuous casting line CC5

The continuous casting line CC5 has been operating since 1998. It was designed in its components to guarantee a condition in which it meets the requirements of the production and is safe to operate during the coming years.

In the range of revamping, the vertical continuous casting line was adjustet from a slab format of 230 - 400mm in thickness and 1400 - 2200mm in width to formats of 450mm in thickness.

In December 2008, DSD Montagetechnik GmbH was assigned with the task of the following scope:

Revamping of the continuous castin line CC5 at Dillinger Hütte. This entails:

  • The engineering of pipelines
  • Manufacturing, overhaul and the supply of mechanical components, steel construction and pipelines
  • Disassembly and assembly of mechanical components, steel construction and pipelines including cold testing and functional testing

Revamping work was executed over a period of 100 days from July to October 2010. During this period, blast furnace 5 was not operating.

Maximum manpower reached 150 people on site. Revamping required, among other things, the handling of 4,400 metric tons of equipment (new and reclaimed) during disassembly and assembly as well as approx. 11,000 meters of stainless steel pipes.

By closely cooperating with the companies of DSD Steel Group, DSD Montagetechnik was able to ensure quality, safety and adherence to schedule.


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