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New straightening machine for Vitkovice Steel A.S.

DSD Montagtechnik GmbH designed a high-tech, modern and heavy roll straightening machine for Vitkovcie Steel A.S. for their sheet pile production. After an intensive time of technical clarification with the client, DSD Montagetechnik GmbH has been awarded the contract for design, engineering, fabrication and delivery, as well as automation / process integration of the new straightening machine for the plant in Ostrava/Czech Republic.

The roll straightening machine, built in horizontal design with 9 straightening shafts in overhung position, of which 5 are driven, has a fix symmetrical pitch of straightening shafts. Each axis can be adjusted axially. Further, all lower axis can be adjusted vertically. You can save and retrieve all product data, settings, speed and limits out of the database by the touch of a button. All adjustment values can be started with highest precision depending of the form and the material of the profile and the roll diameter. Frequency-controlled drives take care of straightening speeds of 0.1m/s for adjustment and up to 2.5 m/s for efficient and quick straightening.

Concurrent, a load sharing control is levelling the load sharing on all drives. A hydraulic adjustable insertion funnel leads the material without collision to the first straightening rolls. For the balancing of different straightening roll diameters and different product heights, the entire machine can be automatically adjusted. With these ideal adjustment values, the machine minimize residual stress in material and the machine ensures a perfect straightness of the final product.

Besides the engineering and supply of the machine, the order includes also the hydraulic and electro technical infrastructure, tailor-made for the clients’ needs and customized for the circumstances in the production hall.
The delivery and commissioning of the machine was realized in August 2017. This was followed by a 4-week production support by DSD.

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