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New construction of the continuous casting line CC6

In order to ensure the slab supply for the two plate mills in Dillingen, Germany and Dunkirk, France, a double-strand continuous casting line is being built in Dillingen. The new vertical strand caster, known as CC6,  is replacing the old CC3 caster.

With this 400 million Euro investment, Dillinger Hütte is emphasizing its leading role in the technology of manufacturing high-quality continuous cast slabs for demanding heavy plate specifications.

In order to execute the delivery, assembly and commissioning of CC6, Dillinger Hütte engaged two consortia of companies: C1 consisted of SMS group GmbH (formerly SMS Siemag AG) and DSD Montagetechnik GmbH (upper facility section), while C2 consisted of Plakoma GmbH and DSD Montagetechnik GmbH (lower facility section). DSD Montagetechnik GmbH performed the following services:

  • Assembly of mechanics
  • Detail-engineering, supply and assembly of steel construction
  • Detail-engineering, supply and assembly of pipelines including hydraulics

The scope of supply for the machine stand and the outer steel construction of the facility amounted to 5,800 metric tons. Among other things, DSD supplied 220 metric tons of pipelines with a total length of 22,500 meters and assembled 345 metric tons of pipelines and fittings. In addition to this, more than 5,000 metric tons of mechanical components, supplied by SMS and Plakoma, were assembled.

Du to modified requirements concerning the machine stand, the whole execution was delayed by 18 months. The first cast was carried out with a ladle weight of 195 metric tons. Two slabs were successfully cast with measurements of 2200mm in width, 9000mm in length and 400mm in thickness.

During the commission phase, approx. 30,000 metric tons of pig iron have been cast to date. The casting line is operating successfully and the client is satisfied with the system as well as the high-quality slabs and the partner they selected: DSD Montagetechnik GmbH.


With a modification of the plant in Spring/Summer 2017, on which DSD Montagetechnik GmbH was also involved, Dillinger Hütte achieved a world record:
Dillinger Hütte has succeeded for the first time in producing slabs with a thickness of 600mm – a slab is a very high-grade block of casted steel. Such a maximum value has not yet been accomplished within the worldwide steel production.

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