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New Abrasive Cutting Machines for DAYE SPECIAL STEEL CO. LTD.

Abrasive cutting machines are used for cutting hot and cold steel products, when highest demands are placed on the quality of the cut – e.g. when cutting to selling lengths or when the microstructure of the material must not be affected. Abrasive cutting machines made by DSD are suitable for cutting high-alloyed steels, nonferrous metals alloys or other high-grade materials.

DSD was able to close a contract with the customer by developing a tailor-made cutting line consisting of 2 abrasive cutting machines, dedusting device, clamping devices, length stoppers, facilities for sampling and scrap handling as well as for the transport of the rolled profiles.

The two abrasive cutting machines cut round material (ø14 to ø85 mm) coming from the rolling mill in layers up to widths of 1000 mm.
The contract also includes the complete electrical planning and delivery as well as the automation and visualization of the new cutting line, based on modern “state of the art” hard- and software.

The modular design of the cutting machines and auxiliary equipment enables cost-efficient solutions and a fast, time-saving site installation.

The abrasive cutting wheel can be changed within a few minutes.

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