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Extension of the foundry / Hall 5

With regard to the reconstruction of the continuous casting line CC6, the existing foundry hall 5 required an extension. In February 2013, DSD Montagetechnik was assigned the task of carrying out the following services:

  • Assembly of various bearing structures in the undergound part of facility CC6 (from -39.00m to ± 0.00m)
  • Assembly of the steel hall construction for the foundry extension from axis 12‘ to16‘ (LxWxH 96 x 40 x 45m)

There were approx. 7,8000 metric tons of steel structure invovled.

Assembly started in March 2013 when the first support bases were fixed into place. After that, the existing gable wall was disassembled and the assembly work started. The majority of the assembly work was completed by 09.27.2013 and the remaining tasks were executed during the assembly of the casting line.

A CC8800 crawler crane was used to assemble the large components (single weight of up to 200 metric tons). It was shipped in parts to the port of Dillingen via inland waterway vessels.

By cooperating with a manufacturing company belonging to DSD Steel Group, DSD was once again able to ensure quality and adherance to schedule.

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