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Construction of the forge

In 2008, the board of directors of Saarstahl decided to extend the forge Saarschmiede with a new production site in Völklingen. DSD Montagetechnik GmbH manufactured, delivered and assembled the new hall construction.

For hall supports, crane girders and other constructions, approx. 17,500 metric tons of steel were used. Construction ran from 2008 to 2009 and the forge was commissioned in 2010.

A special challenge presented itself in this project with the coordination of various components including the underground construction, the concrete construction, steel and metal work, locksmith works as well as the facade. Thanks to our experienced staff, we were able to overcome this challenge to the satisfaction of our client.

The new hall is 530 meters long, 65 meters wide and 40 meters high. It offers a forging line that can handle component parts of up to 240 metric tons in weight and 25 meters in length. It also boasts a press with a compressive force of 12,000 metric tons.

The existing cast hall was also extended (L W H = 40.0 – 32.7 – 34.02 m). The first construction phase saw an extension of the existing hall by two 30 meter sections (approx. 1,060t) and the second phase an extension of two 23 meter sections (approx. 1,600t). The complete hall construction was then extended in 2011 again by 2 more sections, each 20 meters in length (approx. 750t).

Saarstahl also invested in the extension of the oxygen steelmaking plant with a new hall complex (approx. 3,600t) consisting of:

  • oven hall L W H = 23.5 - 52.5 - 28.5m
  • transfer hall    L W H = 19.0 - 52.5 - 57.0m
  • RH hall    L W H = 29.0 - 52.5 - 47.0m

The complex was delivered in 2011 and assembly was completed in 2012.


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