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Assembly of oven line

In October of 2014, DSD Montagetechnik was the task of assembling the oven line 4b for an aluminum foundry in Germany. The client, CEC Consolidated Engineering, designed and supplied the Sand Lion® 3-in-1 line to increase production capacity.

The scope of services mainly included the assembly of the complete oven line made up of 9 oven modules, 40 burners and fans as its main components as well as a heat exchanger, a chimney, various platforms, lifts, conveyor systems, and other components belonging to the facility.

DSD was responsible for handling all of the parts shipped in from the USA. The highly organized coordination between the site, the final customer, and assembly wasvital on order to guarantee the smooth workflow.

Due to DSD's experience in assembling such oven lines as well as their great cooperation with CEC, the project was able to be executed successfully and according to schedule.


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