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Two New Container Cranes from DSD HILGERS Stahlbau GmbH, Rheinbrohl

Since 1968 the DSD HILGERS Stahlbau GmbH has delivered and erected 66 Container Cranes and 179 telescopic spreaders with grapplers.
They are used for the combined transport rail-street-water at inland terminals of railway companies, as stacking cranes at sea ports as well as river boat unloading cranes which can also be used for stacking and loading on trucks or rails.

In December 2016 and February 2017 the latest 2 Container Cranes and telescopic spreaders with grapplers had been taken into operation at the container terminal Leipzig-Wahren.
Customer is the Deutsche Bahn AG. The delivery time for the first crane was 12 months.

Technical data of the cranes:

  • max. load under spreader                             41 t
  • rail gauge                                                          39.800 mm
  • long travel drive over buffers:                      29.180 mm pendular leg
                                                                               29.180 mm fixed leg
  • clear span between the columns                18.600 mm
  • max. lifting height from top oft he
    rails until lower edge twistlocks                   12.500 mm
  • max. crane travelling speed                         120 m/min
  • max. trolley travelling speed                        100 m/min
  • max. rotating speed of slewing gear           1,5 - 2,0 U/min
  • max. lifting speed at full load                        15 m/min
  • max. lifting speed at field
    weakening operation                                     30 m/min