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DSD Montagetechnik GmbH received order in Rolling Mill Department

The actual roughing- and blooming mill at Zollern GmbH & Co. KG in Sigmaringendorf, consisting of two Trio roll stand in each case, are driven by only one drive with one big fly wheel.

The target of the revamping is to decouple the drive train of the roughing- and blooming mill and to realize an own drive train for the blooming mill. Additionally, the rolling speed will be increased from now 2m/s to max. 4,5m/s, in order to roll faster the longer roll strands.

At the same time, the roller tables of the both rolling cars and the roller table in front and behind the blooming mill shall be equipped with quicker roller table drives.

Zollern GmbH & Co. KG awarded DSD Montagetechnik GmbH with the contract for revamping. Part of the contract is therefore the design, supply and erection of the following equipment:

  • New main drive as an asynchronous motor and medium-voltage converter New medium-voltage transformer for feed
  • New pinion stand gear with gearing
  • New gear coupling between drive and pinion stand gear
  • New drive shafts with length compensation
  • New roll sleeves
  • New spindle carrier for support of the drive shafts and removal of the sleeves from the rollers for the roll-change
  • New oil circulation lubrication for the gear box
  • New drives for the spur gears to substitute the roller drives on the rolling cars and the roller table in front and behind the blooming mill
  • New switchgear and automation for the control of the main drive, auxiliary drives (lubrication, cooling, etc.)
  • Interface to the existing PLC-control of the rolling cars

The revamping is planned during a shutdown of the rolling mill in October/November 2018.