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Our business areas

DSD Industrieanlagen Technik GmbH

Experience and Innovation

DSD IAT specializes in the disassembly and the assembly of complete facilities for the metallurgy industry, the corresponding maintenance, the relocation of complete machine fleets, the renovation of crane tracks and the changing of crane rails as well as the regeneration and calibration of assembly groups in steel mills.

DSD Industrieanlagen Technik GmbH

Strasse 16, Nr. 29
(Industriepark ArcelorMittal)
15890 Eisenh√ľttenstadt
+ 49 (0)3364 428-300
+ 49 (0)3364 428-299

Analysis & Monitoring

We offer technical diagnostics, condition monitoring and the assessment of installations and components as well as expert knowledge of metallurgical ladles and power-operated doors and gates.

Reconditioning & Assembly

We offer turnkey assemblies of new equipment, the modernization of power units, the revamping of steel constructions and crane tracks and  disassemblies and assemblies of refurbished equipment and components in both Germany and abroad.

Service & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive services to maintain metallurgical equipment. DSD IAT offers long-term contracts for the maintenance of equipment/generators and complete operating parts as well as engineering consultation and assembly supervision.